lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

Recordando Música: Sean Keane - Gusty's Frolicks (1975)

El gigante del irish fiddle. Así es denominado Sean Keane

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Track Listing:
01.Bonnie Ann, Jinnie Bang The Weaver (Reels)
02.The Gold Ring, Strop The Razor (Jigs)
03.O'Connell's Farewell To Dublin (Hornpipe)
04.Gusty's Frolicks (Slip Jig)
05.Doctor Gilbert, Colonel Frazer (Reels)
06.The Humours Of Ennistymon, The King Of The Pipers (Jigs)
07.The Bright Lady (Air)
08.The Silver Spear, The Dublin Reel, The Ballynacally Reel (Reels)
09.The Ballykeal Jig, Jackson's Morning Brush (Jigs)
10.The Bank Of Turf (Hornpipe)
11.Farewell To Erin, The Wheels Of The World (Reels)
12.Caoine UÃ* Neill (Air)
13.Fraher's Jig, The Humours Of Ballyloughlin (Jigs)
14.The Humours Of Tullycrine (Hornpipe)
15.The Killarney Boys Of Pleasure, Tommy People's (Reels)
16.Micky 'Cumbaw' O'Sullivan's, Dinny Delaney (Air, Jig)

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