martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

Recordando Música: Joanie Madden - A Whistle on the Wind

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Eileen Ivers: fiddle
Johnny McDonagh: from De Dannan and Arcady on percussion
Gabe Donohue: guitar, bouzouki, acoustic bass and piano

Track Listing

1. Marcus Hernon's Air 4:29
2. Johnny Doherty's/Seán Cheo/Lady Gordon 3:24
3. The Idle Road/Tommy Mulhaire's/Ned Coleman's 3:26
4. Uncle Dano's/The Midnight Hornpipe 2:50
5. A Whistle on the Wind/Jug of Punch/Dogs Among the Bushes 5:15
6. Hyne's March/Johnny Harling's/Lasses of Ballintra 4:14
7. Molly Bán/Paddy Lynn's Delite/Jack Maguire's/King of the Clans 5:33
8. Cat's Meow/Partners in Crime 3:01
9. Aggie White's/Miss Thornton/Rip the Calico 3:32
10. Blind Mary 4:23
11. Smiling Lady/Nervous Man/Sean Ryan's 3:36
12. John Brady's/High Reel/Martin Wynne's 3:57
13. Mary Hynes

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scarecrowd dijo...

Thanks a lot! I longed for this record since I've heard the Doherty's reel on a compilation CD "The Dance Music of Ireland: Jigs and Reels".