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Recordando Música: Sean McGuire & Roger Sherlock – At their best - 1971

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Sean McGuire: fiddle
Roger Sherlock: flute
Josephine Keegan: piano

Track Listing

01-Conlon's dream/Roger Sherlock's fancy
02-Ash plant/Matt Molloy's
03-Fry's britches jig
04-Fancy fair/The independant hornpipes
05-Morrisson's n°1 & 2
06-Captain rock/The snake
07-The boy in the boat/Toss the feathers
08-Farewell to Kilroe
09-The bride in her shift/2,5 new pence jigs
10-Chief O'Neill's fancy/The cuckoo hornpipes
11-Unfortunate rake/Knight of St. Patrick jigs
12-The bank/The gauger
13-The gatehouse maid/The sligo maid

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