sábado, 11 de julio de 2009

Recordando Música: Tony McManus - Tony McManus (1995)

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Doherty's / Return To Milltown / Tommy Peoples
The Sweetness Of Mary / The Piper's Bonnet
The Emigrant's Farewell
The Flanagan Brothers Jig / Dermot Byrnes / Miss Sarah McFadyen
Jackie Coleman's / The Milliner's Daughter / Rakish Paddy / Connor Dunn's
Breizh / The Duck / The Seagull
The Humours Of Barrack Street / The Letterkenny Blacksmith
Ar Bhurach Na Laoi
The Snowy Path / The Harper's Chair
Gavotte De Marcel / Dans Fisel
Hector The Hero / The Girl's Of Martinfield
The Johnstown Reel
What A Wonderful World / Charlie Hunter's / The Humours Of Tulla

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